Monday, December 29, 2008

Justin and I finally got our new computer and we found this neat thing called Picasa. So we were playing around with some of our wedding pictures and this is what we came up with!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So this weekend was my birthday weekend and it was great! Justin and I rented a car for three days which is wonderful because we were able to go where we wanted to for 3 days! You don't realize how much you rely on a car until you don't have one! Anyhow, on Saturday Justin and I went to the outlet malls which are awesome! We found some really good deals on some things that we probably dont even really need. After the outlet mall we went to Costco and got a few things for the week and then we went to Borders where I got my first copy of Twilight. Yes, you heard me, I am going to read! After all the basic shopping the real fun began. Justin and I went on our first alone date here is Puerto Rico. He took me to this Japanese steak house which was awesome. I was a little disappointed because they did not flip shrimp in my mouth! So after the very expensive dinner (everything is more expensive here) we went to the movies and saw the movie Eagle Eye. I recommend it if you like movies that are suspensful. Then came the big 23 on Sunday, thats right, I am now 23! So on Sunday we did our usual get up and go to church then when we got home Justin gave me his present. I got the Wii game that I have been wanting and some pink Wii remote covers and an IOU for a Wii fit! The reason I got an IOU instead of the real thing is because we wont have a cheap way to get it home. Then my wonderful husband had an afternoon planned for me. We went to this really nice beach where we were going to sit and watch the sun set, however when we got there, there was a huge dark cloud in the way! it was ok because we were at a beach that had a lighthouse so we just went and took some silly pictures around that. Then when we were done we drove home where Terriann had made me a fun fetti birhtday cake (my favorite) and a few people came over to celebrate. It sure beats my birthday last year when I was Sick! All in all I had a great birthday! I will try to get some pictures up from our trip to the beach!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So here are some pictures from our stay at Puerto Rico. There are a few of them from the beach across the street. I have also put some in here of Old San Juan. The pictures where we have on street clothes are mostly from old San Juan. If you look in the background there is a HUGE fort that was used during the war. Old San Juan is really pretty and there are TONS of shopping places inside the fort. I swear that walking through the fort is one of the most miserable things to do because it is literally up hill both ways. However I have learned to like walking because since we do not have transportation walking is really my only option....the goal is to come back dark and skinny! The other day I had the chance to go visit the rainforest. My cousin's husband is in the navy and he is out on deployment and one of their stops happened to be Puerto Rico. So he had a few days here and a little time to do what he wanted. So him and I went rainforest together. I felt really bad that Justin didn't get to go because he was working, but it was still pretty fun. We hiked up the side of a mountain through the rainforest and we were able to swim under a huge water fall. Unfortunately I forgot my camera (I swear I remember putting it in my purse) however when Justin and I go back, I will make sure to take plenty of pictures!

Friday, October 3, 2008


So Justin and I have been in Puerto Rico for about 2 weeks. Things have been pretty CRAZY!!! It's extremely hot and humid here! It has been a fun adventure for the both of us, well actually I am the one having most of the fun because he is working all day. We share and apartment with Justin's cousin Todd, and his wife Terriann and their son Wes. It has been a lot of fun having them around. I am pretty sure I would be bored out of my mind if they were not here. We live right across the street from the ocean which is pretty nice but I have to admit that I swim more at the pool then I do the ocean. Puerto Rico is so cluttered! Everything is very close together and everything is built up! We live on the 9th of 22 floors and unfortunately we dont have an ocean side view from our balcony. Most of the people here are nice, or at least I think they are nice, I cant understand what they are saying so I just translate it in my head as nice things! There are a lot of people here that do not like Americans, I even had a guy try to run me over! But for the most part things aren't too bad and the people are good people. I am going to try to post some pictures of where we live and what we are doing.