Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our new addition to the family!

Justin and I have decided that we needed to add a "little one" to our little family. However, since having babies hasn't seemed to work for us, we decided a puppy would satisfy us for the time being. Meet our new dog...(sorry she doesn't have a name yet). My parents were lucky enough to have 14 puppies so of course they were more than happy to get rid of a few, so we took one and Justin's parents took one that they named Roxy. There is the black one and ours is the VERY cute butterscotch one. They have been so much fun to play with!

We have had some trouble trying to figure out a name. Justin and I have went back and forth on SOOO many names. We finally decided to take our favorite 6 and put them in a hat and draw out the official name. We drew out the name Claire. However after calling the dog Claire a few times it just didn't sound right, so we are back to square one. Any suggestions?

Our House...FINALLY!!!

After a LONG process and a lot of work, Justin and I are finally in our house! We have been working on this since the end of March and the time has come for us to finally move in. There is still plenty more work to be done, however the downstairs is complete. We moved in on Tuesday of this past week and it feels wonderful! Here are a few pictures of the house.