Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay its been since March since I have posted anything...I swear I have wanted to but just haven't found the time. So I am going to cram about 3 months of life into on blog post. Justin and I are home from Hilton Head and now the construction work really begins! Justin and I have started working on our house. For those of you who dont know, we are turning an old barn into a 2 bedroom house. Sounds simple enough...right? WRONG!!!! It has been crazy! I originally predicted it would take 3-4 weeks to finish this and now we are into our 3rd month and it still has a ways to go! From the end of March till about middle of May we worked on it constantly because Justins work was slow and I was home because I was being a stay at home wife. However, thanks to my BF Desiree I got a job working at the bank with her. Also at about that same time Justins work started picking up again and now he is working everyday. So needless to say, not much has changed in the house since then. It makes me really sad because it seems like we are so close yet so far! And of course as some of you may know, Justin and I are living in his parents basement until this is done...(I do not recommend this for any couple at any time in you life!) Living with his parents hasnt been too bad, however I just dream of the day when it can go back to just being us. I mean this with absolutely no offense to his parents because they have been wonderful to let us stay with them but I just cant wait till we have our house done...if that ever happens! Maybe I am selfish but I just want my handsom husband all to myself again!
Anyhow, Did take some pictures of the progress of our house, however I do not have them with me right now but I will post them as soon as I get a chance!

The next big thing in our life together is that we had our 1 year anniversary!!!!! I cannot believe that I have been married to the most incredible husband ever for a whole year!!! This has been the best year of my life and I look forward to the eternity that we will be spending together.

As I mentioned before, I am now working. I work at Empire Bank in Springfield and I actually really enjoy the job. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed staying home and working on my house and being a wife a lot better, but its not that bad. I am glad that I work with Desiree, however I am sure that the people we work with probably get tired of hearing us talk about the good ol' days in Sweet Springs. The reason for me going back to work is because Justin is starting school this summer. Because he went on a mission and came back and was engaged to me after 3 months...he did not have the opportunity to start school. We now feel that the time is right so he is working part time and taking classes part time. Its worked out pretty good so far, however I get a little jelous of his homework. I guess I should just be thankful he is a MUCH better student then I ever was and he actually does his homework!

Justin and I had an addition to our nieces and nephews count. Justin's sister Shanacy had a baby girl at the end of March. Her name is Rebecca Lynn Critchfield. I havent seen her in person but from the pictures I have seen of her, I am a pretty proud aunt...she is definately cute! Justin and I are experiencing our first time apart for more than a day...he left on Friday to fly out to Utah for Rebecca's blessing. He will get back on Monday. I wanted to go out there so bad but because I am an employed woman now, it was not possible. :( I told Justin to take pictures of everything so that I could feel like I was there...I really miss my nieces...they are so much fun!

Dont worry, I am almost done with all of the updates, however my next big event is that my sister moved :( I am really sad about this. My nephew Egan is starting to stand up and tries to take steps and Blake is at that really fun age where you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. The other day he was playing in the back of PaPa's truck and I climbed up there with him and he said "no A-YAY (thats aunt Linzi to Blake) go get in your white car" It was pretty funny. Anyhow they have moved to Arkansas so that Tony can do his externship. Hopefully they will only be there a year! Speaking of my sisters, my little sister Jodie came up here this weekend since Justin was gone. Her and I played in a softball tournament which was a lot of fun. I am definately feeling it today though...But I was very happy when someone asked me if we were twins...that means that I still look 17!!! Its funny how when you are younger you always want to look older and then when you start getting older you want to look younger! When I told the team how old I was they were saying that they thought I was 19 or so...made my day!

Justin and I have been playing a TON of softball this year. Justin and I play on a coed team and then Justin plays on a men's team. It is a blast...when we win! Our teams are actually pretty good! I have also been picked up by a few other teams. Just this last week I played on Thursday, Friday and a tournament on Saturday so I was exhausted! I played a total of 6 games in 3 days and I hit my first tripple of the year (probably my only one to)! Anyhow, its been a great few months and hopefully in a few more weeks I will be able to get on here and write about how much I love our new house! Until then I will just work on doing better just writing something!