Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I cant believe we have been together a year!

Justin and I just hit our 8 month anniversary but we also hit our 1 year anniversary of being together! Justin and I met a year ago at a singles dance here is Springfield. Justin and I didn't actually talk that day but we were making some serious eye contact. He said that he was kept walking up to me to ask me to dance but I always had a guy at my side which is probably true. I went to that dance to meet up with 3 other guys instead of Justin. Anyhow that Sunday at church is when we officially met. Of course I was the one that initiated conversation. His best friend Joe was actually the one who was hitting on me first. He got my number and then that same night, Justin got it as well. Justin and I have been together since and it has been the best year of our lives (at least I hope he would say it was the best!) Anyhow, I am just so thankful for the relationship that Justin and I have. I dont think that the Lord could have picked a better person for me. I am going to post a collage that I made of our time together in 2008. Some of these pictures are from our honeymoon and there are some from Puerto Rico and just a few different events in our life together. If the pictures are too small you can click on them and they will get bigger. Enjoy!