Sunday, September 30, 2012

comparing baby pics

Its that time again. We have welcomed a new member to the family and we are thrilled! However I feel like as the mother of these children, I am losing out. Yet again, another child that does not look much like me. However, as Rylee has gotten older she looks more like her mommy so maybe Jaxson will do the same. Its probably a good thing that my husband is so attractive because that means that since our kids look so much like him, they will be attractive too! If you are wondering why I havent posted any pictures of myself as a baby to compare its because my mother has somehow "lost" my baby pictures. She says "lost" and I say "never taken" but either way the earliest pictures she has of me are from when I am like 4-5 months old. I know, kinda sad. LOL! So here are newborn pics of Justin, Rylee, and Jaxson. The pics are mixed up. At first I didnt think that Jaxson and Rylee looked too much alike however after loading the pics side by side, I would say they could be twins!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers day!

So today was mothers day. I must say, I am so grateful to be a mother. I am also grateful that I had a wonderful mother who taught me how to be a wonderful mother, even if sometimes I only qualify under the decent category. This Mothers Day, Rylee and Justin took me to the Salon to get my hair cut and colored. This may seem like an insignificant gift to some but to me it meant everything! I am sure that I am not the only person with this issue, but I have always been one to care what other people think about me and one to care about how I look. If I feel pretty, I have more confidence which makes me a happier person. When I am pregnant, I have a hard time feeling pretty. I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing, however I do not feel like it makes me look beautiful. I have been wanting to get my hair done for a while but have a hard time dropping that much money on myself to do it. However my dear husband who knows me all to well, decided that I did not have an choice in the matter and forced me to do it. Thank you Justin and Rylee, I LOVE IT! I already feel so much better about myself. Its amazing what a new cut and color can do for you! Also, my dear sweet husband took Rylee during Relief Society so that I could actually pay attention! Again, another small and seemingly insignificant gift that meant so much to me! It has been a long time since I have been able to hear a lesson from start to finish and until today I didnt even realize how much I missed it! I was able to come home from church and take a nap and after that we went over to Josh and Jamie's for a big taco dinner. After dinner we played a game with them and came home. AND MY FAVORITE gift of the day was when Justin willingly changed a poopy diaper! Oh the little things that make this day so special! Here is the picture that I had Justin take of me and Rylee for mothers day, I definitely dont take enough pictures of me and her together. I just LOVE being this little girls mommy! So blessed!

The Update

So clearly I am a little behind on this thing so I will briefly cover the things that have happened in the last 5 months. In December we celebrated Rylee's first Christmas which was awesome. She had no idea what was going on but it was certainly fun for me to decorate and try to make it as special as possible! In January we found out that we would be expecting our 2nd child! My due date is September 12th and we couldnt be more excited/scared/happy/nervous and pretty much all of the above! Its amazing how after one pregnancy you forget how much you hated being pregnant so easily that you decide to do it again. However this pregnancy has been pretty easy. I only got a little nauseous during the first trimester and have been fine ever since. I also have not gotten as big wit this pregnancy so I feel a little better about myself. While I am grateful that my body has excepted this pregnancy and that I have the ability to become pregnant, lets face it, there really isnt anything "fun" about being pregnant. Also in December/January Rylee started walking. She would walk short distances in December and by January she was a professional! In February we celebrated Rylee's first birthday which was great. She actually got 3 different birthday parties, one in Oakland at the park, one with her grandma and grandpa Schmidt, and one with the Harris side of the family! Lucky girl! In March we headed home from Oakland (FINALLY) but our home stay was short lived and within a week and a half we were on the road again to Dallas. Dallas has been awesome.
We love it here in Dallas and could honestly see ourselves moving here someday....maybe. But that is a big maybe and its WAY down the road. Dallas has been so much fun. We go play sand volley ball every Monday and Friday with the rest of the crew and we pretty much hang out/go out together all the time! The the VERY end of April they finally opened the pool and we pretty much spend time out there every day. Thankfully Rylee has great skin for the sun, she has no problem with burning and has basically the kind of dark complexion that will one day make the other girls jealous! Rylee has adapted well to all of the changes and I am pretty sure she was as grateful as I was to leave Oakland! When we got to Dallas I decided to give potty training a try and Rylee has done amazing with it! I cant say that I am technically potty training her but I do stick her on the toilet a few times a day and she always goes for me. As a matter of fact, she has gotten to the point where every time I put her on there she goes immediately and we go about our business. Now she just needs a mom who will dedicate a few day to making this potty training thing official. I think she is ready, but I am not sure if I am ready for it! Also while here in Dallas we have been able to spend time with my cousin Keith and his wife Laura. They have a 4 yr old daughter and a son that is Rylee's age. The kids play really well together and it has been nice having family here! While here in Dallas we have also learned that we will be having a baby boy! This is such exciting news to me. I will admit, I was kind of hoping for another girl for Rylee to play with (and because I already have so many girl things) but when I found out it was a boy I was thrilled! I feel like I am living the worlds dream of having one of each, however the typical world would probably stop having kids after having one of each but not this crazy mommy! I am sure there will be plenty more after this one even though I dislike pregnancy so much! I think thats all the important stuff that has happened and if I did leave out something important, then I will just blame it on this pregnancy brain stuff and will post about it later. We are heading back home to Missouri and should be there for about 1 1/2 months before we leave again. While I am sad to be leaving Dallas, I cant hardly wait to get back to our HOME!!!! I will have an appreciation for the things that I typically complain about, like laundry and cleaning just because I will be cleaning MY HOUSE and washing clothes in MY washer and dryer (for free) and I will be sleeping in MY very comfortable bed! Let's not forget the best part, we will be home so that Rylee can see her grandparents and they can see her! I hate taking her away from them and them away from her. Cant wait!