Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Homeless :(

Our First Place Together
About 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday, Justin and I found out that we needed to leave for Hilton Head, South Carolina. We were told that we needed to leave by Saturday. We were both excited until it hit us that we would have to pack up our beloved apartment and move out. Our lease for this apartment is up as of March 1st, and to save a little money so that we can buy our own house, Justin's parents have agreed to let us turn a barn that they have on their property into an apartment where we will be able to live for pretty cheap. This works out perfectly for us because we are hardly home anyways and it was pointless to pay rent to a place that we are hardly living at.

It was extremely hard to leave our apartment. We loved that place! Justin and I had painted it all cute and really made it a home. Packing in two days wasn't easy either. Thanks to the help of Terriann and Justin's parents we got it all done. Here is where it all gets hard...the barn has yet to be converted, so we packed all of our stuff up and now it is in storage at his parents. I dont even know where half of it is!

I am going to make it very clear that I am SOOOO thankful for Justin's parents for letting us live in their basement till the apartment is finished and even more grateful that they are providing us with the apartment, however I am so sad to be leaving our "home." After Justin and I set up our bed in their basement I cried for a few minutes because I am really going to miss our apartment. It was the first place Justin and I lived in as a married couple. I am even going to miss the old lady below us that would pound on the ceiling if we were walking to heavy. Anyhow, I cant wait for apartment to be finished and hopefully we will be able to make it home for us and create many new memories, but for now, we are homeless.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas 2008!!!!
Now that it is already February I have finally taken the time to tel l you about our Christmas. We had such a great time for Christmas this year. Justin had 2 weeks off of work which was awesome! It all started at my parents house. Its always an interesting time when Justin and I go to my parents. Its a very full house so there is always something going on. I cant imagine what it will be like when all of us kids are grown up with kids...it will be crazy!
Of course this was a fun time since we get to spend it with family....especially the nephews!!! As you can tell, Justin and I have the cutest nephews around. Blake is 2 and VERY active. He loves saying Justin's name but wont say my name, we are pretty sure its just too hard for him to say. Every time Sara is talking to me she tells Blake "I am talking to aunt Linzi" and then Blake will say "Justin!" but never my name. Occasionally he will call me "a-yay" I think that is Aunt Linzi in Blake terms. Anyhow, as tradition stands, we do Christmas at my parents house and then we go to my Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house for Christmas. Going to G-ma and G-pa Harris house gets harder and harder every year. I swear there living room is like 15' by 15' and they get the fattest (ugliest) tree, so when you cram at least 50 people in there it gets interesting, but we love doing it. I could probably talk a lot more about my parents house but then this would get rather lengthy, so I think thats good enough.
So after a week at my parents Justin and I went out to Utah for Christmas with his family. Justin's sister Shanacy lives in Orem with her husband Matt and their 3 kids and one on the way! We had a great time! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we have the cutest nieces as well. Shan has 3 girls and the bun in her oven is a girl as well! It was great being able to see them and play with them since we dont get to see them much. Kylee is the oldest, she is kind of shy but thats because she doesn't know us very well....yet! Then there is Brittany and she is the most out-goin
g girl I know. She is full of life as I am sure you can tell in the picture of me, Brittany, and Justin's sister Lindsey. Next is Emily and she is a doll! Instead of saying the word "yes" she says "nes." It always throws you off because she makes the "n" sound and you think she is going to say no but then she changes it up by saying Yes.
While we were in Utah we had to opportunity of going to Justin's best friend (brother) Joe's wedding. Joe and his now wife Jessica were married in the Salt Lake temple and December 27th. It was my first experience in the Salt Lake Temple. I loved it! Not to mention I am so dang happy for Joe and Jess, they make a great couple! One day, when Joe and Jess decide that Missouri is better then Utah and move here, Justin and I will finally have a couple to hang out with! Also while we were in Utah my cousin Shawn was heading to the MTC. He is serving in the San Fransisco Mission. I am SOOOO proud of him!!! It was awesome getting to watch him walk into the MTC. I was the last girl he can hug for the next two years...I bet he wishes it could have been some other girl then his cousin! :) It was awesome being there to see him especially since his parents couldn't be there.
After Justin and I got back from Utah we had the opportunity to go to Nauvoo and watch my cousin Alicia be sealed to her husband Eric. It was and awesome experience especially since that is where Justin and I were married. It was our first opportunity to go back to the place where our life together began! Between going to the temple in Salt Lake (and getting our own set of temple clothes) and seeing my cousin Shawn at the MTC and being there for Alicia and Eric's sealing, I would say that week of Christmas was one of the most spiritual/amazing weeks ever. That is our whole Christmas in a nutshell!

I tried to post this a while back but for some reason it didn't go through so I am posting it again!
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