Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

So we are one the road again which means...I will BLOG AGAIN!!!! Its so much easier to blog when we are on the road because I actually have my own computer and internet! So here is a little of what has happened in the last 4 weeks. Rylee is constantly standing up on things, she LOVES standing so much. I really think that she will be walking very soon and thankfully because I am tired of her pants being worn on the knees! She has a few words already. I think she is going to be a talker like her mommy! She really likes to imitate noises and sounds. Her first word was Sadi. It sounds more like day-di but its definitely Sadi. She starts saying it over and over again as soon as Sadi walks in the room. She also says Mama, Dada, and kitty. I know this is going to sound unbelievable but I have also heard her say Lindsey (as in her aunt Lindsey). I have witnesses that heard it to! I asked her were Lindsey was and she said it almost clear as day. Of course she wont say it again but she did say it once! She also has an obsession with a certain DVD that we bought her and its a singing DVD. They sing do-re-me-fa-so-la-te-do and when they sing the last "do" she starts saying "do, do, do, do" its very funny!

Before we left for California we had a chance to go up and see my family. While we were there, my mom had an early Christmas for Rylee and us. It was fun watching her open the presents. Since I know my mom never checks my blog, I can post this because I am very excited about it! We are surprising my mom with pictures of her kids and grandkids! I am so excited because Justin and I were able to get some family pictures done in the process! The kids were crazy while taking pictures but thankfully Hilary (the photographer) was able to get some good ones! I am so excited about them! This is the first time I have actually let loose of some money to have a professional take pictures for us!

Also, We were able to take a "mini vacation" to California. While there we were able to visit the city where Justin grew up. It was a great little get-away before Justin has to start working hard on this Hotel job. We had such a great time! I was able to see his old house, the schools that he went to, and able to meet some of his friends from high school. It was a great trip but I am glad to be done traveling for a while.

Now we are in Oakland, CA. So far so good. We are living in an extended stay hotel which is basically a hotel room with a small kitchen and sitting area. Its in a really nice area close to the airport and the place is actually pretty nice...small, but nice! Rylee is adjusting to sleeping in her pack N play which is always loads of fun...not!!! Its hard to just let her cry herself to sleep because I try to keep her quiet because there are other people staying here. When we are at home she is really good at letting me put her in her crib and then she just falls asleep but its definitely not that easy with her pack N play! Thats really about all for now! I have some pictures to post but I am going to do it in another post. I find that easier then trying to post them as I write!