Sunday, September 30, 2012

comparing baby pics

Its that time again. We have welcomed a new member to the family and we are thrilled! However I feel like as the mother of these children, I am losing out. Yet again, another child that does not look much like me. However, as Rylee has gotten older she looks more like her mommy so maybe Jaxson will do the same. Its probably a good thing that my husband is so attractive because that means that since our kids look so much like him, they will be attractive too! If you are wondering why I havent posted any pictures of myself as a baby to compare its because my mother has somehow "lost" my baby pictures. She says "lost" and I say "never taken" but either way the earliest pictures she has of me are from when I am like 4-5 months old. I know, kinda sad. LOL! So here are newborn pics of Justin, Rylee, and Jaxson. The pics are mixed up. At first I didnt think that Jaxson and Rylee looked too much alike however after loading the pics side by side, I would say they could be twins!

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Joe N' Jess said...

So cute! You need to post more of your kids!! They're adorable!