Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Ok so this my third post of the night and then I am done! Justin and I had such a wonderful Christmas. This is our first Christmas away from immediate family and even though we were sad to not have them for the holidays, we were super excited to spend the day with each other and start our own traditions as our own family. So for our first tradition we decided to have our Christmas Eve dinner be foil dinners. And let me just tell you...They were delicious! So Christmas night we opened one gift and that was it...even though my impatient husband tried to convince me that we should open all of them! Oh yeah, I should probably also tell you about our UGLY Christmas tree this year. We decided to go out and buy a real Christmas tree instead of packing our fake tree all the way to NY. So of course Justin gave me the job of picking one out...bad idea. In my defense though the guy at the tree place told me I was the last sale of the year. I only had 3 trees to choose from because thats all that he had left. The other ones were just as ugly. I asked the tree guy his opinion and he told me that the one I picked was the best even though the back side of it was flat (literally all of the fullness is on the front the back side is pretty flat). I decided that since the tree was going up in the corner it didnt matter how flat the backside was. Well I didnt think about the fact it would be top heavy and not stand up on its own, so we had to shove our side table up to hold it up. Its pretty ghetto! Also the tree is very least on the front side. So its a pretty ugly tree but we love it and it served its purpose!

Justin and I got all kinds of things for Christmas so I wont mention all of it but Justin got me a camera (which I REALLY wanted) and he got a watch. We got a lot of other things too but those were our bigger presents. After having our little Christmas we went to the Hotel where Justin is working and they provided us with a Christmas dinner. The dinner was awesome and we had lots of fun! So here are some pics of the day. They are not in order of how they happened and I am not going to rearrange them to make them...sorry

After lunch...I think I ate too I look a little fat?? LOL

The boys going for a ride on the lifts
high in the air
Everyone getting ready for Lunch
The most important table of the day...the desert table
All of the food that was set up for us...mmmm it was good
My new MU hat
What can I say...I married a Levi Jeans model, those are his new ones
My gifts from My very own Santa
Justin's gifts
Ignore the ugliness of myself...its early thats all I can say
My handsome husband
Our UGLY Christmas tree that we loved!!!

My first baby shower

On Dec. 4th my wonderful sisters and my awesome friends threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun and they did an awesome job with it. It was a lot of fun and I got a lot a great stuff. My sister in-law Lindsey was able to go with me and she took a lot of the pictures during the made her feel very important to take the pics. A bunch of my family got together to give me a pack and play. Since we are going to be living in New York when the baby is born a Pack N Play is much needed so my baby can have something to sleep in!

My high school friends
One of the gifts given to me
The cake
Playing a game where everyone had to guess my size...lets just say I must look bigger then I really am! However my friend Amanda guessed it perfectly!
The present table
Linsey and Sara did a great job on the decorations
and on the sweets!

Update and leaving Ariyan

So it has been a long time since I have posted anything to my blog...I guess you could say I am way behind on it. So here is a little history of the past few months. First off the Pregnancy is going good, I am pretty ready to get this little girl out of my stomach and into my arms. I am pretty sure that holding her in my arms will be a little more comfortable then in my belly. I felt really good with the pregnancy until about week 30, Now I am 33 weeks and feeling huge. It getting harder to sleep comfortably at night especially when you have to get up every two hours to go to the bathroom! Anyhow, I guess the closer I get to the due date the more ready I am to get her out!
Next big thing in our life is that Justin and I made the HUGE decision to go to New York. There is a construction job in Rochester New York that will provide us wi
th good pay and allow me to have the opportunity to be a stay at home wife. Now, the reason I say this is a HUGE decision is because it also required a lot of HUGE sacrifices. The first big sacrifice is that we have to pack up and move which means that I have to quit my job. Now quitting my job is not the sacrifice, I couldnt have been more happy about that, however it means that I have to take out cobra insurance and lose my cheap insurance with my job. It also means that I have to find a new doctor at 7 1/2 months pregnant in a place that I am completely unfamiliar with. The biggest sacrifice is the fact that we had to give up our foster parenting which means that they had to find a new placement for Ariyan. Now you may ask why we made this decision to go to New York the only answer I can give is that its what the Lord wanted us to do. Giving up Ariyan is the hardest thing I have had to do. But obviously the Lord has different plans for her and for us. So don't worry, the story gets better.
Luckily the family that they chose for Ariyan is AWESOME! They have been so wonderful with us and with her. They are from Marshfield as well and live close. They have been more then happy to let us come over and visit Ariyan and spend time with her. Right before we left they let us keep her for the night. Her life will be so blessed to be living with them and we have made some new great friends! Now that we are in New York they are sending us pictures and emails with updates of her. I am so happy that they are willing to let us be part of her life because she will always be a part of ours! I think that we have gotten the best happy ending to a worse case scenario. Like I said it hasn't been easy but I am happy with the results. So here are some pictures of our last visit with her before we came out to New York
She is getting so big...she can sit up all by herself!

So cute!

This is the Christmas gift we gave her...she loved it!

Justin holding her, I couldnt figure out how to get the pic to turn...sorry

Me and Ariyan