Saturday, July 17, 2010


So in the beginning of June this year, Justin and I found out that we are expecting! This is such a huge blessing in our lives. We feel like we have waited forever for this to finally happen to us...and now we have to wait nine more months to finally get the baby! I am so excited to be experiencing pregnancy. Dont get me wrong...the first trimester hasnt exactly been the best 3 months of my life, but its well worth it! I knew before I took a pregnancy test that I was pregnant and I kept telling Justin that. I dont know if he really believed me because trust me, its not the first time I thought I was pregnant! However that morning that I took the test and it was positive I was so happy. I took a picture of it and sent it to him in a text. He was in the bedroom still asleep. I walked into the bedroom and told him I heard his phone going off and that he should probably check it because it might be important. He kinda blew me off and said he would check it later. I then became more persistent that he needed to check his phone message right then so he did. He was really excited! Since then the pregnancy so far hasnt been too bad. I have had some bad nights where I just feel blah and of course the nights when I cant decide if I want to laugh or cry, and the nights where Justin cant do anything right, but for the most part its been pretty good. Justin says he cant wait for me to get out of the first trimester so he can have his wife back. Unfortunately since I work I dont get to take little cat naps during the day so when I get home I pretty much eat dinner and crash! I am so tired! One thing I didnt expect about pregnancy is how much my appetite controls my life. As soon as someone talks about food I either want to throw up or I wont stop thinking about that food until I can eat some! Its crazy, and some foods that I use to love I cant even stand the thought of them anymore. I am really beginning to show as well. I am so surprised that I am showing so much because I feel like its too early to show. I guess I am just working up a 9 pound 8 oz baby like its daddy! Anyhow, its been a great experience so far and I am so excited to be stepping into the second trimester...I heard thats the best one! I am 10 weeks right now so that means I finally hit double digits!! YAY!!!!